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Software development


Host Mobility computers run GNU/Linux where almost all software is built from source. The target architectures are ARM32 and ARM64. Since the typical development machines are x86_64, a cross-compiler is usually required.

Software development kit (SDK)⚓︎

The SDK contains the toolchains needed to compile and debug applications for our systems. To learn more about how to build it, see Software Development Kits (SDKs) or, for older systems running BSP 1.5/1.6 or older, Legacy Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Yocto build system⚓︎

The reference operating system is built using Yocto. It combines software written by Host Mobility with free software from developers all over the world. See Yocto Build System for details.

For older system running BSP 1.5/1.6 or older, see Legacy build system.

Development application⚓︎

We have two examples of how to compile a C or C++ application - Usage and test - Development using Eclipse