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Platform MX-4 C61


MX-4 C61 is a small form factor and low cost telematics computer for remote diagnostics and fleet management.

Feature summary for HM005-1⚓︎

See Production variant definition.

Feature Summary
CPU (main) ARM Cortex-A5, 500 MHz single core
CPU ARM Cortex-M4, 167 MHz single core
Coprocessor PIC24
RAM 512 MB flash, 256 MB RAM
Operating System Yocto Kirkstone, Linux kernel 4.19
Modem Global 4G module
GPS Included in modem, external antenna
Aux-Linux 1x 3pol aux for Linux Headphone L and R with mic
Ethernet 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet
USB 1 x USB 2.0 high-speed host/device (auto detect)
CAN 3 x CAN 2.0 B
RS485/J1708 1 x Rs-485 (or 1x J1708), product selection
RS-232 1 x Rs-232
DIO-Analog Combine digital in, out and analog in
Start Signals 1 x Start signal input (to boot the system using external signal)
uSD-card µSD-card interface
SuperCap Super Capacitor
Operating Temperature Wide operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
Operating voltage Wide input voltage range, 8-36 VDC
Nominal Voltage 12-24V
Sleep-Mode Low power sleep mode
Real Time Clock Yes, backed up by rechargeable coin cell battery

Production Variant Definition⚓︎

List of known products⚓︎

Products Product part number Description
Default HM005-1 4G modem and SD card, only delivered with our reference BSP

Connectors and buttons⚓︎

front and back

Dsub 15 connector⚓︎

Pin Function Comment
1 CAN-1-H
2 CAN-1-L
3 CAN-2-H
4 CAN-2-L
5 CAN-3-H
6 CAN-3-L
8 GND Reference for INPUT-POWER
9 DIG-IO-1 Output with source and sink and/or analog in and/or digital in
10 RS-485 or J1708 RS-485A or J1708A (default variant is RS-485 not J1708)
11 DIG-IO-2 Output with source and sink and/or analog in and/or digital in
12 RS-485 or J1708 RS-485B or J1708B (default variant is RS-485 not J1708)
13 START-SIGNAL Must be tied to INPUT-POWER for the unit to start
14 RS-232_RXD Rs-232 receive from pc (default debug)
15 RS-232_TXD Rs-232 transmit from device to pc (default debug)
S GND The shield acts as a general-purpose GND

Other connector and buttons⚓︎

  • Fakra red LTE/4G
  • Fakra blue GPS
  • RJ45
  • Audio & mic
  • Reset button
  • LEDs

Technical specification⚓︎

Contact support to receive the technical specification (1301-HM005-Technical-description) for this hardware.