Reset cause (MX-4)

You can read out the platform "reset cause" from an SPI attribute or using the /opt/hm/ script. Multiple reset causes are possible. You can also zero out the current reset cause by executing echo 0 > /opt/hm/pic_attributes/ctrl_pic_reset_cause.

cat /opt/hm/pic_attributes/ctrl_pic_reset_cause
Bit Reset Cause Text Clarification
0 Power On Reset
1 Brown Out Reset
2 Idle Reset
3 Sleep Reset
4 Watchdog Reset Co-cpu reset internal watchdog flag triggered
5 Software Reset Set by user
6 MCLR Reset Reset button
7 Config Mismatch Reset
8 Deep Sleep Reset
9 Illegal Opcode Reset
10 Trap Conflict Reset
11 Trap Default Reset trace_default_interrupt
12 Trap OSC Reset
13 Trap Address Reset
14 Trap Stack Reset
15 Trap Math Reset
16 Protocol Watchdog Reset Linux SPI protocol stopped sending and co-cpu reset
17 Clock Switch Failed
18 Deep Sleep Exit