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Platform Host Monitor X


Host Monitor X is the next generation telematics computer for modern automotive development.

Feature summary for HM010-****1⚓︎

See Production Variant Definition

Feature Summary
CPU NXP i.MX 8M Plus (64 bit) with Cortex M7 co-processor
Accelerometer 3-axis
Buzzer Internal and power for external
Ethernet 2x 100/1000 Base-T1 (Rosenberger), 2x 100-BaseTx (RJ45 and MX34)
External Logging µSD Card
GPS Included in modem, external antenna
Housing Aluminium/plastic
Start Signals External input, 2.5-36V (5 inputs)
Internal Storage 64 GB eMMC
LEDs 5 red+green (yellow in combination), 1 RGB
Modem 5G or 4G, M2 connector
Nominal Voltage 12-24V
Operating Temperature -40C to +65C
Operating System Yocto Kirkstone, Linux kernel 6.1
Power Consumption @12V < 1 mA in "Off", 25 mA in "Suspend to RAM"
Protection IP30
Real Time Clock Yes, backed up by CR2032 coin cell battery
Low power mode Suspend to RAM. Wakes on CAN, digital inputs, accelerometer, RTC, and start signals
Size without connectors 164x164x30mm
UPS 3 seconds supercap power
USB USB 3.0 OTG type C, USB 2.0 host type A
Sleep-Mode Low power sleep mode

Production variant definition⚓︎

The production part numbers start with HM010-*****-revision, read from left to right. For the first variant number, the processor module is followed by the modem. If no other parameters are stated, the part number will be HM010-00011-revision.

Processor module⚓︎

Processor ID Module Part Number Description
0 No module
1 hMOD0009-R1A (Arena) i.MX 8M Plus with Quad Core CPU, 4GB DRAM and 64GB EMMC
2 hMOD0013-R1A (Arena) i.MX 8M Plus with Quad Core CPU, 4GB DRAM, 64GB EMMC and Wi-Fi

Modem module⚓︎

Modem ID Module Part Number Description
0 No module
1 hMOD0010-03 (Arena) 4G global modem
2 TBD (Arena) 5G global modem

Micro SD Card module⚓︎

Micro SD Card ID Module Part Number Description
0 No SD card
1 hBMT0003 (Arena) Samsung uSDHC EVO 32GB Class 10
2 hBMT0002 (Arena) 32GB Sandisk UHS Class 1

SIM Card module⚓︎

SIM Card ID Module Part Number Description
0 No module
1 Reserved for customer

Customer customization⚓︎

This is for customers that want extra installation of software, additional labels or similar within design limitations.

Customer ID Customer Tweaks Description
0 Default No customization, only delivered with our reference BSP
1 Reserved for customer
2 Reserved for customer
3 Reserved for customer

List of known products⚓︎

Products Product part number Description
Default HM010-00111-V6B 4G modem and SD card, only delivered with our reference BSP
HM010-11111-V6B Reserved for customer with 4G modem, SIM card, SD card and customization

Note: For Host Mobility employees, update this page after making changes to internal document FILE-000767 (800141-Product variant definition HM010-000-x).

Connectors and buttons⚓︎

Connectors and buttons Connectors and buttons 2

Technical specification⚓︎

Please contact support to receive detailed technical specification for this hardware.