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Platform CT GL


MX-4 CT GL is a telematics computer for remote diagnostics and fleet management. This product can no longer be bought and similar functionality can be found on other products from us. So this page is for those that already have bought the CT GL product.

Feature summary for HM001 (CT GL)⚓︎

See Production variant definition.

Feature Summary
CPU (main) ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, Up to 1 GHz, dual Core
Coprocessor PIC24
RAM 1GB SLC NAND flash, 512 MB RAM
Operating System Ångstrom distribution built with yocto , Linux kernel 3.1.10
HDMI 1920x1080
VGA 1400x1050
Modem Global modem 4G (or for CT Europa or USA 4G module)
GPS Included in modem, external antenna
Modem audio Modem Headphone L and R and mono mic
Linux audio Linux Headphone L and R and mono mic
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
Ethernet 1x 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet
Ethernet 1x 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T Ethernet, limit by USB 2.0 transfer
USB 1 x USB 2.0 high-speed host/device (auto detect)
USB 1 x USB 2.0 high-speed host
CAN 3 x CAN 2.0 B
J1708 1 x J1708 bus
RS-232 2 x RS-232 bus
RS-485 1 x RS-485 bus
Digital inputs 6 x Digital inputs
Digital outputs 7 x Digital outputs sink and source (older CT includes less functionality)
Digital output 5V 1 x Digital output 5V
Tachometer 1x Puls counter
Analog inputs 1 x Analogue inputs (4-20 mA)
Analog inputs 4 x Analog inputs 0-32 VDC (including the start signal)
Start Signals 1 x Start signal input (to boot the system using external signal)
SD-card SD-card interface
Operating Temperature Wide operating temperature: -40 to +70°C
Operating voltage Wide input voltage range, 8-32 VDC
Nominal Voltage 12-24V
Sleep-Mode Low power sleep mode
Real Time Clock Yes, backed up by rechargeable coin cell battery

Production variant definition⚓︎

List of known products⚓︎

Contact Host Mobility. All product of CT GL variants start with HM001. Older Products called CT starts with HMP069.

Connectors and buttons⚓︎

front and back

Connector – Digital and Analog I/O⚓︎


Pin Function Comment
1 CAN-1-H
2 CAN-1-L
3 CAN-2-H
4 CAN-2-L
5 DIG-OUTPUT-6 400mA current limitation
6 4-20mA-PWR Digital output 5, 400mA current limitation
7 DIG-OUTPUT-1 400mA current limitation
8 DIG-OUTPUT-2 400mA current limitation
9 DIG-OUTPUT-3 400mA current limitation
10 DIG-OUTPUT-4 400mA current limitation
17 DIG-OUTPUT-7 400mA current limitation
18 ANALOG-IN-1A 0-32 V input, either “A” or “B” must be high for the unit to start
19 ANALOG-IN-2 4-20 mA input
20 ANALOG-IN-3 0-32 V input
21 ANALOG-IN-4 0-32 V input
22 PULSE-COUNTER Input for tachometer

Connector – Power & Communication⚓︎


Pin Function Comment
1 RS485-A
2 RS485-B
3 J1708-A
4 J1708-B
5 DIG-OUTPUT-5V Digital 5V output, for peripherals, 500mA current limitation
6 GND Digital Ground
7 GND Digital Ground
9 GND Return for INPUT-POWER, connected to Digital Ground
10 ANALOG-IN-1B 0-32 V input, either “A” or “B” must be high for the unit to start
11 ANALOG-IN-5 0-32V Input
12 RS232-2-RXD RS-232 no. 2 - Data input
13 RS232-2-TXD RS-232 no. 2 - Data output
14 GND Digital Ground
15 RS232-1-TXD RS-232 no. 1 - Data output
16 RS232-1-RTS RS-232 no. 1 - RTS output
17 RS232-1-CTS RS-232 no. 1 - CTS input
18 RS232-1-RXD RS-232 no. 1 - Data input

Connector – Audio & CAN⚓︎


Pin Function Comment
1 MODEM-IN+ Modem voice input positive
2 CAN-3-H
3 CAN-3-L
4 N/A
5 N/A
6 GND Analog measurement references, connected to Digital Ground
7 MODEM-IN - Modem voice input negative
8 MODEM-OUT+ Modem voice output positive, (optional AUDIO-OUT-R)
9 MODEM-OUT- Modem voice output negative
10 GND-A Reference for Linux platform audio, isolated from Digital Ground
11 AUDIO-IN-MIC Linux platform audio input, with biasing voltage for microphone
12 AUDIO-IN-LINE Linux platform audio input, without biasing voltage
13 AUDIO-OUT-R Linux platform audio output, right
14 AUDIO-OUT-L Linux platform audio output, left

Other connector and buttons⚓︎

  • Fakra red LTE/4G
  • Fakra red rx-diversity LTE/4G
  • Fakra blue GPS
  • RJ45
  • Reset button
  • LEDs

Technical specification⚓︎

Contact support to receive the technical specification (1301-HM001--Technical-description or older CT 1301-HMP069--Technical-description) for this hardware. * is the variant you have bought.